Same day response email psychic channelled reading


The reading will impart messages which are channelled, impartial and come from a higher guided source. The same day response email psychic reading is perfect when you need a concise answer to that one area of concern in your life that you need immediate guidance with.
Please be aware that this reading will be a maximum of 170 words in length but it will give you the answer you seek, the same day. If you require a more insightful reading, or consultation please see the other readings and consultations offered.
The same day response service is available Monday through Friday only.  Your reading must be booked before 15:00 (3pm) GMT to receive a response before midnight the same day.  Any email psychic readings booked are 15:00 (3pm) GMT will receive a response with 24 hours.  If you book this reading on a Saturday or Sunday, you will receive a response on Monday.


A reading/and or consultation is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. You MUST be aged 18 YEARS OR OLDER to purchase a reading/and or consultation. In accordance with UK Law, advice is NOT provided for Financial, Legal or Health issues, (including Health during Pregnancy and Paternity issues), and questions of this nature will NOT be answered.