Sacred Geometry Crystal Love Grid


Sacred Geometry Crystal Love Grid Intention tool - ancient wisdom sacred geometry manifesting tool.

Our attracting love crystal grid contains everything you need to create your grid  You simply need to decide on what your goal or intention is and what you are looking to manifest.  The possibilities are endless.  

In your sacred geometry crystal grid kit you will be find

1. Crystal grid mat
2. Quartz point for activation x 2
3. Crystals included are:

Rose Quartz Stones: Qty (5 ) 
Opens the Heart • Reduces Stress & Grief • Love
The most powerful stones for attracting love is rose quartz, it opens your heart center, restoring love and trust.  The rose quartz supports you  to love yourself and receive love from another.

Pink Tourmaline: Qty (4)
Unconditional self-love • Positive • Soul Mate
This attracts  love of all kinds into your life. It transforms your energy to be more positive, and open.  Most importantly it prepares you for meeting your soul mate/twin flame.

Prasiolite stone: Qty (4)
Power • Love • Spiritual Growth
If you are lacking self-confidence or self-worth, prasiolite will help to uplift you and give you a deeper appreciation and acceptance of yourself and your talents. The prasiolite healing properties are also powerful for clearing negative energy from your mind, body and spirit.

Sunstone stone: Qty (3)
Blessings • Protection • Personal Power
Sunstone’s yellow color represents the sun. Sunstone allows your true self to shine. It also stimulates your personal power, strength and leadership abilities. It increases your self-worth and confidence.  

Tigers Eye stone: Qty (3)
Courage • Strength • Personal Power
This stone is ideal for anyone not in a committed relationship. It helps you recognise your own needs and those of others. It also heals issues of self-worth and self-criticism.  

Rhyolite stone: Qty (3)
Creativity • Joy & Positivity • Supports Change
This is the stone to use when you are ready for change. It helps you break your boundaries and to reach beyond your known capabilities and break through any barriers. It helps balance your emotional state, release self-doubt, depression or hopelessness. It can also help you attract more positive-minded people into your life.

Yellow Jasper Stone: Qty (2)
Happiness • Clarity • Self-Confidence
Yellow jasper reminds us to come together and help one another. It gives us the courage to make the changes and encourages honesty between one another.


  • Find a location in your home.  For the love crystal grid, we suggest your bedroom.  It needs to be a space that will be undisturbed.  

  • Cleanse your space with a sage or palo santo wood.


  • Write your intention on a piece of paper. Then fold your written intention and place it in the center of your crystal grid cloth.

  • Breathe deeply and state your intention aloud, or visualise  in your mind the outcome you are seeking.  Remember that you must be pure in your intention.  Trying to make someone love you is not working from love but from will.

  • Set up the surrounding stones in your crystal grid layout. Start from the exterior and move towards the center. As you are placing each stone into your crystal grid, make sure you keep your intention in mind.

  • Place your center crystal on top of your written intention.

  • Next, activate the crystal grid layout. Take a quartz crystal point (can be small or large), and starting from the outside, draw an invisible line between each stone to energetically connect each stone to the next and thereby energising the stone. 

  • Leave for 40 days.

Setting Intentions/Cleansing