Channelled Life Purpose Reading via Telephone or SKYPE


This reading offers deep insight and clarity on where you are currently on your souls journey this lifetime, where you are going and what needs to be cleared, released or encouraged.  This is done by connecting to you at a soul level.

The connection is achieved by channelling the intelligence of interdimensional energies including the archangelic as well as your higher power.  This powerful combination allows for energy and information to flow spontaneously on your inner truth, your soul contract as well as soul purpose.

These readings offer you the opportunity to align with your potential and to understand your soul purpose and therefore your life purpose.  At the end of session it may be decided that healing and further clearing  will need to be arranged.


A crystal will be sent to you after the reading which will have been intended with support and energy to help you continue on your soul's journey.  These are blessed and intended specifically for you and at no extra cost.  You name will also be added to the healing circle of light which means you will have a meditation intended and dedicated to you for a week


You will be contacted to arrange a date and time for the consultation.  It is a good idea to have a pen and paper ready at the time of the consultation as a lot of information will be forthcoming and you may also have some specific questions that you will want to have prepared

The consultation will last 60 minutes. 

We ask that you prepare by fasting for 12 hours before the consultation and that you do not consume any alcohol for at least 24 hours before the consultation. 

The reading will impart messages which are channelled, impartial and come from a higher guided source. It is important to speak during the reading as the connection is heightened with the energy and voice vibration.


A reading/and or consultation is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. You MUST be aged 18 YEARS OR OLDER to purchase a reading/and or consultation. In accordance with UK Law, advice is NOT provided for Financial, Legal or Health issues, (including Health during Pregnancy and Paternity issues), and questions of this nature will NOT be answered.