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Well its nearly Valentine’s Day, everywhere you go you will be surrounded by images of roses, heart shaped chocolates, teddy bears, love hearts, images of happy couples. This is great if you are in love and happy with your partner. It’s a fun day to enjoy with your special person, you can spoil them by buying them flowers, chocolates and enjoy a romantic dinner together. For those who aren't in a relationship, or in the wrong relationship or newly single, it’s a clear reminder that you are alone and you don't have that special someone. This can make you feel sad, lonely and unlovable. The most important thing to remember is that we are sometimes alone for our soul growth and we are encouraged to use this time to get to know ourselves better, to work through unresolved issues and to be kind to ourselves.

So this Valentine’s Day is no different to any other day. Other than a big reminder that our thoughts create our reality, so we need to be extra vigilant on Valentines Day to affirm to ourselves "I am love, I am loved". Feel yourself surrounded by love. Love is the most powerful of emotions and energy and we are constantly in the presence of love. Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while, treat yourself to a hot bath, put on some candles, watch your favourite movie. Surround yourself with love, be kind to yourself and this affirms to the universe very clearly that you love yourself and that you are love. Be the love you are seeking and the love you are seeking will find you.

It’s the Law. The Law of Attraction. Happy Valentine’s Day. xx

Law of Attraction Love Valentines Day

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