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“Ask and you shall receive”, is the very essence of manifesting and the law of attraction.  This law is well documented with the success of "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, as well as many other books and blogs on the subject.  

The law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

When we want to manifest using this law we can ask for anything, for instance you may want a new relationship.  So, you set the intention, you write down all the qualities you want in a new partner.  Then you trust and let it go, you act as if it this has already happened and then it manifests, it transpires and comes into being. 

However, during readings many of my clients ask, “why is it when I know what I want and I have set my intention. I cannot manifest my intention and what I am asking for”?

It is simple, there are 2 key steps that really help with the asking, receiving.  They are:


When we set the intention, we must feel as if it has already happened.  We manifest successfully through sincere trust and belief.   But the feeling part is the key.

Manifesting is the aligning of your true intentions, motives and desires, then combining with the feeling of having already achieved your intention, as if this has already happened. By truly believing and feeling it we are making a declaration of what we want to achieve and feel as if it has already happen.

Knowing that it has already manifested, is important, but another key element is to appreciate and acknowledge what we already have in our lives.  For example, every situation, connection, relationship and money etc.


Gratitude for what we already have is another key element.  Being grateful for what we already have, acts as an activator, it magnifies love.  Love of what we already have is so key.  Love is the flower of life, the essence of all that is life.  So, if we love our present situation (even if we don't), loving where we are now, deepens the feeling of love, so we must manifest more.

The universe wants us all to feel joy and to live in an abundant, limitless world.  So, a loving, trusting and grateful heart really strengthens the law of attraction.

A little footnote:

As with all spiritual laws we need to ask for the good of all concerned.  


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