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Is there a right and a wrong way to ask a question of the Tarot?  Simple answer is yes.  So here is a guide on the best way to phrase a tarot question and to get the most out of a reading or when you are reading for yourself or friends.  


Here are some examples of poorly phased questions that people often ask, which then leads to confused, unclear and muddled answers.  Key thing to remember is to ask for the outcome of the highest good.

Will I win the lottery?

The lottery is a game of chance, so you must leave that to the Law of Chance.  The way you can increase your chance of winning is by buying a ticket (you must be in it to win it!), affirming some positive affirmations and visualisation then leave it to lady luck.

What is the name of my soul mate?

The Tarot cards cannot provide names of your soul mate.  A good psychic or clairvoyant may be able to channel an initial or a name.  The Tarot is perfect for giving information on the traits and type of person that you would be best suited to and the Tarot may give you the star sign.

Will my lover leave his wife?

Laws of the Universe do not allow us to question about another person’s life.  It is really about privacy and accuracy.  You simply can’t use the Tarot cards without their permission.

Am I pregnant?

The best way to know if you are pregnant is to take a test. This avoids any disappointment or confusion.  This also applies to the sex of the baby.  A baby scan is the best way to find out the sex of the baby.

Will I win my court case?

Tarot cards and readers are not legal professionals and are therefore not in a position to provide legal advice. Invest your money in legal advice rather than a Tarot reading.


Our here a few of our personal favourites.  You can play around with them a little but remember its about asking for guidance, clarity, support and a clearer perception of where you are and where you want to be.

What do I need to know about…?

What role do I play in his/her (insert name) … life or situation?

What is the potential for…?

What do I need to know to do …?

How can I improve my ability to ….?

What is standing in the way and how can I achieve the best possible outcome …?

So, for instance if you are wanting a relationship with someone a good question is:

Will I meet a romantic partner in the next 3 months?


What is important is to get very clear about your question and to feel empowered by the answers so that you can act in a positive way to the outcome. Try not to ask anything beyond 12 months.  Remember we all have free will and the cards are like a road sign on the motorway which guide us to our destination.  Tarot cards guide us to achieve the best possible outcome.  We have to take action and not be passive in the process.

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