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Research by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author and researcher claimed that human consciousness influences the molecular structure of water.  He explored the belief that water reacts to positive thoughts and words and that polluted water can be cleaned and cleansed through prayer and positive visualization. 

Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono), is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.  Hoʻoponopono teachers say that drinking blue solar water is a very powerful cleansing tool to erase painful memories.   Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len healed psychiatric patients with  this powerful Hawaiian healing method and he recently stated that he drinks a gallon and a half a day of blue solar water as part of his daily practice, as well.

How to make blue solar water:

Blue solar water is easy to make, is a powerful cleaning tool to erase unwanted memories.

  1. Use a blue glass bottle. Any color blue, from light blue to dark blue is good.
  2. Fill with tap water and cover with a non-metallic lid, cork, or plastic. 
  3. Place the water filled blue glass bottle in the sun for an hour or more. Some say the longer you leave the glass bottle in the sun the sweeter the water tastes.
  4. Store your blue solar water in the refrigerator.  Enjoy at your convenience.

So, what does all this mean for you?

Well, it means that you can nourish rather than just replenish your body.  I personally bless and give positive visualizations to my water.  I do this for both my drinking and cooking water. 

I also use a BPA-free water bottle for my daily drinking water.  I don’t want harmful plastic contaminating my water.  If this all seems to be beyond what you want to do   I suggest that you simply affirm you water. 

“You replenish and nourish me on every level, thank you.”


Or if you want to say more:


“I bless this water, this water will nourish, replenish all my cells on a molecular level. This water will heal my body and allow my spiritual and physical body to be nourished. Thank you, thank you.

As with all things, demonstrating love, which is the essence of all life, can make us and our water feel appreciated.  All things in our universe are connected by the flower of life and sacred geometry. Sadly as humans, we take water as a given commodity from mother earth.  However, a little appreciation always goes a long way. We are 65% per cent water.  So we are loving ourselves too.

The native Americans Philosophy Five - ON THE EARTH, says to touch the earth but to leave only footprints.  So, let’s acknowledge that water is sacred, divine and give praise and thanks.  It’s a win win, as we all get healed too by this simply truth and gracious gratitude.As the water we drink becomes part of us and if it is vibrating at a loving level it cannot but heal and bless us at a molecular level. 

Blue solar water Cleansing Healing Hoʻoponopono Native Americans

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