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Having our loved one break up with us can leave us heart broken and in despair. The pain of losing someone you have loved and still love, someone you shared your heart, your dreams, and your life with is devastating.  It is debilitating and heart breaking.  Betrayal and the ending can be unexpected and heart wrenching. 

I understand this very well, six years ago, I was engaged to be married and my fiancé left me for another woman just before our wedding.  I was humiliated, embarrassed, dazed, confused, emotional, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t even think.  I hounded myself with thoughts of what they were doing.  I even washed and ironed his clothes for the holiday he was taking her on!

From great pain comes great growth and it really was the best outcome but wished at the time I had some simple steps that I could have followed.  So over the next few weeks, I will publish a series of blogs to help you through this transition to help you heal your heart, mind and body. So you can survive and thrive.

First 24 hours

Be gentle with yourself a breakup has the same effect as a bereavement on your body.  You will feel stunned and not able to grasp what has happened.  Be kind to yourself and affirm:

I am love, I am loveable, I ask that my angels and my spirit guides support, comfort and guide me now.  Please help me understand and be kind to myself.  Surround me in protection.  Remind me that I am worthy, loveable and that I am able to cope.

Beware the white bear

Try to push thoughts of him or her out of your mind completely. Psychologists call this the "white bear effect." If you try not to think about a white bear, one will pop into your mind. So, when your ex pops into your mind, think of something else.  As the thought, will feed the energy of connection.  This will only make the transition harder. 

 Ask Archangel Michael

Please Archangel Michael surround me in your beautiful purple cloak of protection and cut any cords of attachments that are toxic.  Cut all cords of attachments between me and my ex.  I ask that you give me love and support to help me through this transition.  Thank you

Cords of attachment

What is a cord of attachment?

It is an energy link between your aura and the aura of the other person. Energy flows back and forth through this link.  However, a cord of attachment is not the flow of unconditional love. That is a separate energy link that is called a spiritual tie and contains the love, the learning and the pure love energy.

A cord of attachment is negative.

How long do cords last?

Typically, a cord of attachment is part of your aura for your earth lifetime.  Even if the other person transitions, the energy pattern in the cord remains active.

Is it possible to remove a cord of attachment?

Yes, by co-creating with one or more divine beings (I prefer Archangel Michael) you can safely remove a cord of attachment, freeing you from its influence.

You may prefer to ask, God or Ascended Masters like Jesus, Ganesh, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Melchizedek, Lady Nada (Lady Nada is especially good if you have children with your ex, as her dedication is to children) to remove your cord.

Does cutting a cord of attachment ever hurt the person at the other end?

No, the other person is not affected.




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